Who is that goat in the banner?

That is Rosie, a year or so ago, trimming a hedge by the front drive. She’s head doe of a herd of two. Well, two goats. They generously include other species in their herd. The chickens have honorary membership. I make it in too.

In fact, I had to wrestle with this goat one day last summer. Those horns can do some damage, especially with 120 – 150 pounds of strong goat behind them, and I couldn’t get away from her until I’d managed to lay her down on the ground. (Tip: hold onto a horn with one hand, and pull a hind foot out from under her with the other.)

We’ve been on friendly terms ever since. I really don’t know whether she was fighting me for dominance or whether she was just in A Mood. She was showing some signs of being in heat, and that could explain it.  Even the nicest colleagues can be a pain in the butt when hormones mess with their heads.

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