Enjoy the Good Life

This is my “second generation” blog. Some of you may be familiar with my previous site, Tea Time Chatter. This will be similar, with focus on the things that make this world so rich and wonderful. There will also be a lot of posts about writing in general.

So, why the new blog? For one thing, I wanted to get acquainted with WordPress, since I expect to be helping my Spouse-Equivalent, Jim, set up his own WordPress blog soon.

Then there’s the name.

GoodLifeWriter is a name I’m using on Twitter & FaceBook, and you can email me at GoodLifeWriter@gmail.com. So it makes sense to use the same name for my blog. I still am inordinately fond of tea, especially oolongs and pu-erhs. But at this point “tea” has come to refer to a particular social philosophy, one that I don’t share. The old blog name referred to sitting and chatting over a nice pot of tea. My views would be so disappointing to readers looking for a Palinesque political agenda.