I have a loom! I have TWO looms!

My friend Judy is moving out of state, and clearing out a lot of stuff she has not used and does not want to haul away with her. Jim’s been facilitating all the work involved in preparing her home for sale, and today he brought home a few things she wanted off her hands:

  • A beautiful table loom
  • A warping frame
  • A very nice tapestry loom, with a project started
  • Books on using a tapestry loom
  • Assorted shuttles etc.
  • Lots of thread and yarn

And I’ve not even gotten through it all yet. Whee!

Jim even has a plan for where we can set up the loom: As we finish up the laundry room, we’ll set up the loom in there. I think if we set it up on a sturdy wheeled base, I can wheel it up to the window to weave, and work looking out on the garden. When I’m not weaving, I’ll roll it out of the way and use the same spot for folding laundry or ironing, all looking out on my garden.


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